NET Connecting to a database with. How to Design a Mondrian 4 Schema. The Mondrian project used to make that quite easy, since it shipped a. There are predefined Mondrian Schema files for each dataset as well, which specify how these databases are mapped to cubes, measures, dimensions, etc. MondrianServer] Failed getting connection. For my use i need a JavaScript-component.

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Mondrian doesn’t comply with the MDX standard completely.

Connecting to Mondrian Server through XMLA

What’s inside XMondrian Once you’re on the XMondrian homepage, you can find more information about what’s inside, but I’ll summarize below: Your code should look similar to the following example:.

In theory, the process to do that will be mondruan upon which webserver you are running. Skip this step if you have XMLA already configured. Main reason is that I created a couple of OLAP client tools myself, and I want to provide potential users with a quick and easy path to check them out.

Here are some instructions for common Java servers: Please let me know how you get along with the xmondrian. If you already have configured an XMLA provider it will be easier to start with option 1.


How to connect it to a PostgreSQL database?

Connecting to Pentaho Mondrian | Flexmonster

Email Required, but never shown. Hi Roland, I have installed older versions of mondrian, and able to open the page http: How to provide a schema to the mondrian server? We keep getting this errors: You’ll notice it has a log4j.

CORS allows web applications to make cross-domain requests. WAR file Deploy to your java server. The Problem After many, many hours i found this thread: That moniker is unique for the duration of the server, and near impossible for an unauthorized component guess.

WAR web-archive file containing Mondrian itself, documentation, sample cubes, and the JPivot mondrian client. But i could’t connect DB, i have faced following exception. Sign up using Email and Password. I described it on github.

I am not able to explore Mondrian by playing with the sample applications and data due to this error. Krone, please let me know: LockBox does not purport to be a full directory service — in particular, objects are only accessible within the same JVM — but it carries out a simple purpose, efficiently and elegantly, and may be useful to other applications. Stream closed at java. That’s why you need to tell mondrian the URI of the catalog, the JDBC information of the data warehouse, and the role that you would like mondrian to use to xmka queries.


Or is there any way to create olap cubes here on the web application? After restarting tomcat it works perfectly. This does work for me.

I’m doing that with a simple ant script. We made big data transfer from the server to the browser incredibly fast. This is no accident: Minutes ago we finally managed to make it work, just to help others the main difficulties we had were related to:

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