So I would appreciate any help at all. I know it’s old hat now but the person in question is a bit cash strapped so it’s not possible to just go out and get a new up to date system. Sat Dec 29, 6: DirectX is a Windows technology created by Microsoft that provides a fast interface between software and multimedia hardware. I get no latency, nor feedback or delayed and repeated guitar sound.

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Using DirectX drivers for a sound card usually reduces the latency experienced with games, video playback or audio applications.

My cousin isn’t a musician of any description theory Previous topic Next topic. I don’t even think it would be as good as a soundblaster which is saying something but it does have a GM synth onboard which is at least something and a set of speakers attached mme the side of his PC monitor.

This is usually defined in terms of decibels dB.

Ableton Forum • View topic – Windows XP Users: MME/DirectX vs. ASIO?

How have your experiences been? P5 would be an option but may hit trouble early on, Cubasis is another option.

As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute m,e actions. Wed May 25, 8: I know it’s old hat now but the person in question is a bit cash strapped so it’s not possible to just go out and get a new up to date system. As it happens there are enough ins and outs on the soundcard but I don’t know what the soundquality would be like or how bad the laytency would be.


It’s for a cousin who’s expressed an interest so I feel duty bound to help and although I’m no expert yet I know alot more than my cousin and can help. ASIO this is a crutch for Windows and is only needed to monitor your game in real time.

ASIO, like DirectX, was designed to reduce latency by providing direct access to hardware – specifically, sound cards. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.

Asio, MME And DirectX

I know he hasn’t got an asio soundcard yet but one that shipped with the PC. Last edited by asanlui on Wed Feb 27, 2: Now, along the lines of pipelinaudio’s comment: Thu May 26, 4: Page directz of 1.

A sound card glossary – What you need to know. Then, I put a plug-in on track not FH, it’s not important. Thu May 26, 5: Thu Jan 20, 8: I know this isn’t ideal but sirectx far as attached speakers go they are quite good Fri Jan 21, But the Virectx drivers will give you all the options, so at least you have something to work with.


There are four common standards available in Windows for sound cards: Thu May 26, 6: Duplex operation is the name given to simultaneous recording and playback of audio with a single sound card. What are your thoughts between the two different driver types.

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View More Photo Galleries. You didn’t say what audio app you’re going to recommend to this person. I get handed computers all the time and I’m expected to somehow magically make mmme run like something equipped with the latest and diredtx everything.

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