More about gear in this article. The optical viewfinder has a moderately high “eyepoint,” making it usable for eyeglass wearers, although no diopter adjustment is provided to compensate for impaired vision directly. Simon Joinson on the Seattle years. Dec 19, review. Founder Phil Askey on the first ten years. Sound Recording That’s right – sound!

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French, German, English, Italian, Swedish. Dec 23, video. Toys and Tabletop Games by Bonnie Burton 8 days ago. With the preceding as background, we’ll look at some of the external controls on the DC Again, this is a significant upgrade from the DC Submit a News Tip!

Find out what’s new and notable about the Z6 in our Kodal Impressions Review. For weeks, we’ve been getting hammered with the question “Will Chris and Jordan continue their tradition of doing a Best and Worst year-end episode? We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier.

Kodak DC265 digital camera

Dec 24, Howard Cornelsen Thanks, altis! Mobile by Stephen Shankland 8 days ago. Red-filled blocks indicate used space, while white-filled ones show available storage. Mobile by Stephen Shankland Dec 10, The viewfinder also has the desirable characteristic of being relatively insensitive to lateral eye position: We discussed the DC’s excellent shot-to-shot cycle time performance earlier, but some further discussion of buffer memory and camera operation is warranted here, as this is an area where the DC really shines.


Capture – To capture your images, and set camera options using the LCD menus. The result takes the famous “Kodak color” that has characterized Kodak’s digicams to a new level. The view doesn’t change at all if your eye happens to be off-center in any direction.

Kodak DC digital camera Overview – CNET

Kidak a few of the latest competing high-end digicams now have time-exposure capabilities, long time-exposures capability are still a rare feature in the marketplace.

More about gear in this article. You use the Mode Dial button on the rear of the camera to select the mode in which you want to operate: Really amazing how photo and kpdak computer tech has progressed since Hugo What is most interesting to read is that the battery life was so poor: And it’s free with the camera.

Gear of the Year – Richard’s Choice: Founder Phil Askey on the first ten years. Fortunately, the most-frequently accessed controls can be reached through the top-panel LCD and pushbuttons, which provide a much shorter route to the desired functions.


Kodak DC265 Review

Dcc265 also had the DC, my first trip into digital. I had one of these! These Throwback Thursdays are great! Show less Show more. But this strange-looking camera had a trick up its sleeve: Skip to main content. I used it with studio lights to take family pix. Simon Joinson on the Seattle years. Dec 28, mobile.

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