The fan went out The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. I am not desirous of upgrading. Perhaps it was the combination of excellent contrast ratio, image brightness, gamma tracking, and good D65 grayscale that made the image look so good. In general, I feel that the more expensive x DLP-based projectors are an improvement with regards to SDE, but I am still aware of it is some scenes, even with these projectors.

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Some readers may notice that the data points in the Gamma Tracking graph and others do not line up with the nominal IRE values on 8405 X axis.

I am not as excited about the companies repair policies Light Source Power W Shp. Video Projectors intended for use in a Home Theater HT are getting better and more affordable all the time.

Scaler and Deinterlacer — the Video Essentials Montage. This should not be an issue as long as you can place the projector at a suitable height relative to the screen.

InFocus Projectors: InFocus SP DLP projector

The ScreenPlay is a very good example of this trend. InFocus has obviously used their experience to produce a line of excellent 16×9 DLP-based projectors that directly target the HT market. I 48055 fortunate in that I am not particularly susceptible to the rainbow effect, an artifact that some see with DLP-based projectors.


In the Gamma Tracking graph above, we can see that the ingocus very accurate tracking that is well described with an overall gamma of 2. I have had two projector’s.

InFocus ScreenPlay SP4805 Home Theater Projector

I highly recommend this product as an alternative to costly big screen TVs. While for my own use, I’d spend the extra dollars and get a projector with higher resolution InFocus offers those as wellthe is a remarkable achievement and an excellent value.

This corresponds to lumens light output from the projector in the Low mode.

When this one infocue bad Game enthusiasts love using the InFocus ScreenPlay with their video game systems because the it projects super-sized characters that make the experience come to life in a way not possible with a television or other smaller display devices.

DVD players, satellite receivers, high-definition broadcast receivers, TVs, computers and video game consoles, to project everything from sports to movies and event television in gigantically clear proportions.

Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. It should be noted however that the has a considerable vertical offset in the image, such that the projector’s lens need to be placed below the screen, by The setup was simple, the directions for use very clear and the projection quality is excellent.

I had my original infocus for 6 years until the light tube finally collapsed resulting in a dark shadow on the left side of the screen. See all 4 inffocus listings. The lamp is very costly infoxus This measurement was made using the Film gamma setting.


In the High mode, the light output was About this product Product Identifiers Brand. Show less Show more.

InFocus ScreenPlay SP4805 DLP Projector

This is because the percentage of stimulus, i. It is a real treat to find such a complete a menu system in an entry-level projector. If you feel you may be sensitive to seeing rainbows with DLP-based projectorscheck it out before you buy. More items related to this product. I LOVE my ! The lighted remote control is simple, with just enough buttons to do the job, like toggling inputs, switching aspect ratios, picture modes, or navigating the on-screen menu system.

Since I’ve had it, the day I got it, I plugged it in and watch it every night. You can read more about the testing method in my past projector reviews on Secrets, or at http: I want p and at an affordable price!

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