Those pins are not soldered into the slots. But the display refresh felt slowish, and the second screen was flashing when something got updated on the main screen. Thanks all for good advice given. I believe the bios automatically disables the onboard vga when another video card is plugged in. I do not understand why it is written in the User Guide: I have an SC on order and am trying to choose a reasonable budget graphics card and either the Nvida based cards or the ATi Pro seem like good value. Reset Post Submit Post.

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Got a SC with Dual Core 2. Trackback by utility knife blade — April 2, 3: Has anyone else been able to verify operation at 8x as per Johns post?

[ubuntu] Desktop video problem with Dell Poweredge SC

Comment by rhvjr — December 15, 8: It turns out just a compatibility issue. Hi all — good read. Comment by Shanksta — December 28, 4: What people rell out with the SC was that there was a PCI-e x8 slot that kind of looked like an x16 slot except that it had an extra notch of plastic on it. Here is the US distributor of the adapters.


Comment by Steve — January 31, 8: Comment by BoBo — January 16, 1: Yes the Graphics card works well but I have lost the on board vga. Followup regarding mod to the SC….

Comment by Schlomo Shmageggie — May 24, 8: Very easy mod and nice way to save some moola: But the display refresh felt slowish, and the second screen was flashing when something got updated on the main screen. How were you able to close the slot cage?

Install Two Nvidia GeForce in Dell SC to Setup 3 or 4 Displays | Sheldon’s Blog .Com

I was asked to install a video card. Comment by Bobby — December 13, 1: In other words, Dell takes a loss on these fire sales to attract new business buyers.

Comment by ubiquityman — November 9, 1: Comment by rhvjr — December 11, 7: Only insert it and run perfectly on ubuntu 9,04 with latest ati drivers ver 9,5.


Comment by milkmood — February 11, 7: Comment by Fiscelan — December 17, 5: Comment by Lenny — October 16, Thanks for your help! Comment by Sean — March 8, ENLE in modified with boxcutter 4x slot works for me.

I meant nvidia gs: After this I did the modification of the x4 PCIe slot using a soldering iron and a box cutter. Comment by muchgooder — November 29, 8: I was also very careful to cut enough out to make sure the card made good contact with the pins.

To top it off, looks like the card sf440 used works well with xgl.

Oh my god be so careful not to bend the pins.

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