If not now, when? For now I’m optimistic. So far through two weekends of SL it’s Bring the start gate down and plug it in right next to the TIMY and try it. After selecting the serial port for my Timy, the update began and displayed a bold red message “Clearing Firmware” or something very similar.

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Bring the start gate down and ueb it in right next to the TIMY and try it. There are several threads on this issue, but this has the latest post, so I’m adding my comment here. You can find them on the Dell website or we like Bob Johnson’s Computer stuff. I noticed it when using a dodgey long USB cable to a Timy. If not me, who?

Yet there are some other possibilities.

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But then we had no problems in the past to speak of either. Thanks for all of the replies To be honest, I must tell you that I xlge not try the recent updates of the USB driver, it might be better than it used to be. I went to the ALGE site and downloaded timy.


Must use serial to get thru a big race. A result of this could be that it was not putting out the standard 5 volts at the USB port. Fred has the answer. I had the same problem as you. There is no brain damage in figuring out that this works. In that situation should I do the test with the start gate?

The number of posts in this thread has dropped off a lot, so either everyone switched to serial connection or the failures aren’t happening nearly as much.

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I use a UPS too, mainly for surge protection of delicate and expensive electronics. Manage Follow Preferences Loading I’ve been running an extra Timy via USB this winter just to see if it will fail; you could call it the B’ timer.

Sign In or Register. You should try it. Partially means that even the proximity of the big CC motors of the cable cars gave high noise on the wires, and every day we discovered something new that could easily block the communications.


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I’m having connectivity issues with the latest SST 6. I could only recreate the problem by allowing the batteries to get low. No multiple start in PC mode! It has been successfully tested on XP and Vista.

Our experience has been less than fully successful. Serial-to-USB adapters can be problematic for the same reason. While this is not an acceptable option anytime, the “USB” setting obscures the Serial drop down so you have to go back and check it. I do think it was software issues that were taking down USB connection in the past, mostly due to ‘dirty’ computers.

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I don’t know where to find this program. I has been frustrating. TG users are encouraged to try the USB interface as soon as possible.

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