If you try to use a Microsoft Jet Access database from multiple instances of the same application either on the same computer or on different computers, you receive the following error message: Is it even possible to use the same approach as you did and set up a scheduled refresh via ODBC? Another database error on open. In the ODBC tool you should be able to see what is installed for database providers. I just checked and I have the drivers installed, but it still doesn’t work. Message 9 of 12 1, Views. When publishing a report that uses an on-Premises MS Access database file as a data source you will soon discover that the On-Premises Data Gateway doesn’t provide the possibility to configure an Access Data Source.

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I just checked and I have the drivers installed, but it still doesn’t work. Couple things to remember when using connection strings: Microsoft does not support placing Jet. Database Open Error Solved! Message 8 of 12 1, Views.

PRB: Error -2147467259 When You Try to Open the Same MDB File from Multiple Instances

Message 4 of 6. As of today, Access is still not on the list of available data source types.


Database Open Error The order of the installations is important. Message 3 of 6. Is it even possible to use the same approach as you did and set up a scheduled 21147467259 via ODBC?

Run-Time Error () ODBC – Connection to (ODBC Connection Name) Failed

With the provided connection string adding password I have this: Setting up an ODBC connection can be done in a couple of ways: Still very useful site. Message 5 of 6. An easy way to create connection strings is to create a txt file microsofft your desktop and rename it with a UDL extension.

I updated this article. It is all quite new for me!

Message 5 of 12 1, Views. South Africa – English. If it was made by an older version of access, then maybe you need to use a jet driver for that. Using a file DSN is not my approach and it won’t work.

Cannot open a database created with a previous version of your application. Always grant write permissions on the Access file for the user that is configured on the gateway, even if you want to read data. Conclusion With the correct setup we have two working solutions: However, it is not recommended that you use this workaround if a high number of updates are being formed; this workaround is intended only for reading databases.


Using MS Access as a data source with On-Premises Data Gateway

Message 6 of 6. Just to be sure, I have installed now: That did it thank you.

You can download acess from hereafter that the scheduled refresh could be configured successfully. Power BI only have 64 bit personal gateway, it is by design to leverage only 64 bits drivers.

I have Access installed and when I try to open it I get an error:. United Kingdom – English. Your error is specific to the version of Access so this probably won’t make a difference but it is certainly something to keep in mind if you are having issues.

However, under high load conditions, you may exceed these intervals.

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